Jack Making

by admin on August 17, 2016

There are many ways of executing the little details needed for jack making and Bill Jurgenson has published an excellent paper and photos on this showing his superb techniques. However it is always good to see other ways and techniques, they get the mind thinking and you end up developing your own way which is what it is all about. 

I have designed this setup for my jack making to enable me to make one off trials quickly. Adjustments to angles and axel points are critical and though I have made so many hundreds and get it pretty near right from square one, I still like to make a few trials and try them in the instrument before proceeding with the rank. I do make my jacks in a rank set of 70 that gives me and the client a few spares. The 4fts first, I then make trials and proceed to the lower manual 8ft and finally the upper manual 8ft. The latter is made sort of left handed as I always have my dampers behind the plectrum looking from the keyboard.

You will see there is a steady made from a brass roundhead screw to control the fine drill on the bristle boring jig. This ensures the drill is kept accurate for all jacks made as the second photo shows.
Of course this is a set up for making many jacks and guys making just the one off set will not want to go to this trouble and expense. I have many photos of all details for my procedures and will gladly share them with you should you request, but best to think your own way really.

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