Jack Bottom Screws etc

by admin on August 24, 2016

I purposely allowed the bottom screws to come into shot on the photos in the theme I posted yesterday; I knew it would promote response.

I came into the world of making harpsichords in my mid-thirties, some fifty years ago. Apprenticed to John Broadwood in the piano trade I was aware of the need to make life as easy as possible for techs on the road so I have always brought such thought detail into all of my design and work. My early instruments had pan head self-tapping screws and indeed they are not good and can give problems. Also my early work was not given the thought care I give now to making sure the back of the keys are as aligned as the front level wise. But all in all, using Vogel brass jacks screws and their excellent design gives me no trouble at all now transposing the keyboard.

I have just placed all the jacks back into their guides without dampers so they are all resting hard onto the key backs. The reason I always fine regulate this way is it is better to have such contact with the keys to get the stagger truly as you wish it. The dampers are quick and easy to cut into position so are the final icing on the cake. However my reason for this post is, the keyboard transposes with ease in this no damper state!!! I am going to try and get a video to show this before I fit the dampers.
A further point, having made instruments without bottom jack screws, there is no feeling difference at all, well not on my instruments. I also like the fact that the pickup is directly in line with the plectra and the bearing on the key minimal so you do not work through an arc of the width or should I say depth of the jack blank.

This is just another point of view and I fully understand others not wanting to agree with it. I do not have a problem that way so if not asked to do otherwise I would give myself the extra work of fitting the adjustment.


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