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by admin on August 5, 2016

Throughout my making career I have worked on just two designs. Both used fundamental geometry from the Ruckers school and documented speaking lengths and plucking points taken from a Ruckers single manual said to have had little alteration work done. As I intended to make many instruments from my design, in order to read the development it was accentual I conceived a system of replicating accurately all the detail from my master templates.

There was a question following from photos a person picked up from an earlier FM memories post of mine so I have put together this post showing the marking system I have used for the last forty years to achieve this accuracy, it has served me well. Not rocket science but it does give the facility of marking out bridge scaling and detail on the bench. Then the ability to bore pin holes under a drill press to create accuracy and have a soundboard pinned and completed before fitting into its case.  

Of course not everyone wants to work this way. Many make copies from drawings of original instruments that are to be one off and many colleagues work on quite a few different periods of instruments and have a wide number of models on offer etc. My work however was to develop a design of my own, very much influence by the work of the Flemish school, but with the view of developing it over the years. It has been an interesting journey observing such progress over the years from minor calculated adjustments.

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