A thought on calipers

by admin on August 29, 2016

There is an interesting debate going on in the harpsi list at the moment. The theme was a request and the expense of callipers for measuring soundboards and how they can be adapted to give measure over large boards.
I can see this will be helpful for guys starting out with a plan of an old instrument and I am told more critical for guitars and such, having never made one I would not know. But the first thing to take on board is no two piecesĀ of timber are the same even if they come from the same tree. You just have to learn quickly how to read the material at hand.
I have never owned anything other than a micrometer for fine measuring and that is used mainly for pins etc.
This may appear arrogant butĀ that is not intended. A simple micrometer will give you a thickness to glue your boards up into a blank and then you take it from there. Believe me if you copy every detail and dimension from the plan of a fabulous old masters work and you get near the original result, you will have been lucky and learned nothing.

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